4th March 2013- Hermione and the tap dancing boy

Hermione was walking down the hallway to Defence agsaint Dark arts when suddleny neville came tap dancing singing i am the tap dancing boy hurarry then tap dancing to DADA Annyoing Draco Malfoy and his gang then suddleny Draco came up to hermione and asked her to married him after hogwarts then the dark lord apperend and killed Seamus Finngian, Neville's friend so they had a funrueal to never forget the awesome Seamus Finngian who died on 5th january 1998 it was a upset day for all of hogwarts they will never forget Seamus Finngian who died.

19th March 2013- Harry in the city with school

Harry asked Dumbledore to go to the city with school just for shopping and meeting he said "yes" so when the hogwarts school went to Neverland and saw a huge shopping mall they went on the 6th Febraury 1998 a month and a day after Seamus died to the dark lord.